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So what’s it all about??

Today – the 23 rd July, is my 64th Birthday – entry to the 65th year. As a birthday present I wanted to give myself a challenge. Madder is my favourite dyestuff, it’s fantastic! Rich reds, pinks, oranges, purples – so many different colours just from the one root. From today until the 23rd July 2021 there will be 65 different recipes using this wonderful dyestuff !

These recipes will be a mixture of Historical, more modern adaptations and off the wall experiments. Just over 1 per week for the next 52 weeks.

If anyone is reading this and fancies following the journey , you are very welcome, feel free to offer advice or make suggestions – we are all always learning!

For almost half my life I have been running a small business producing naturally dyed yarns, fibres and cloth. When starting out using natural dyes it all seemed so easy – what was all the fuss? It didn’t take long to realize how little in fact I did know, but there is so much pleasure in the finding out and mastering a little bit more! You will never hear me call myself an expert – I stick with the old adage that an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure – it’s not possible to know it all, but it is possible to specialise in a subject to ensure a more thorough understanding.

I don’t know if blogs can be dedicated to anyone – but this one is for Bronwyn Hazel, hopefully when she’s old enough to read it she will learn a little bit about her Nainy.

To Nic, Dave and John thank you so much for the support all these years, you’ve been amazing, All my love.


  • Val Tarrant

    Have you done any experimenting with cold dyeing with madder? I’d be interested to hear about your experiences.

    • Louise DROSDZOL

      Hi Debbie
      Could you add a place on the blog where we can add our emails and we will get a message when you publish a new post?
      Thanks Louise

    • Debra Hayward

      Fascinating. One of my life goals is to get a brilliant red with madder. Hopefully I live that long! But Iā€™m enjoying the journey.

  • Claudia

    How exciting – Happy Birthday (also July baby of same year). What a lovely legacy to leave for little Bronwyn Hazel – she is a lucky girl indeed.

  • Kirsty Sutherland

    Fascinated by the colours from madder and now growing a tiny patch in Edinburgh for future use. Have really enjoyed the slow process of working with root chunks a couple of times now and noticed a real difference in colour with two batches from different sources. Smell too of the dye itself.. Anyway will most definitely be following your Madder story and sharing of knowledge and experience.

    • Deb Bamford

      Thanks for your comments, hopefully you’ll enjoy what happens during the year – it’s starting simple and then looking into things more and more! welcome along!

  • Marie

    What a fantastic idea and belated happy birthday. Is there a way to follow your blog or is it best to just check in once a week? Sorry I’m rarely in at the start of things. šŸ˜€

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